Slab City, CA (Salvation Mountain) with Alex Creswell.


Nowhere California

July 19, 2008

After years of seeing photos of Salvation Mountain, I finally got the chance to go see it. It’s like 2.5 hours away and is the longest, saddest, second creepiest drive I’ve made. I didn’t even realize it was featured in “Into the Wild”…an amazing movie. It’s said that  Salvation Mountain is the second most visited tourist attraction in Imperial County. This makes me wonder….what’s the first?!?!??! There is nothing..and i mean nothing out there expect dirt, dead shrubbery, an occasional area of greenery, which seems way outta the norm, and busted up buildings. We (Alex and I) didn’t get the chance to meet the creator, Leonard Knight, he was sleeping…or dead, but hopefully sleeping, regardless, we didn’t want to bother him. Maybe next time….

 Some random photos of beautiful Nowhere, Ca and the Salton Sea