November 17, 2008

Here are some updated shots of Noelle. We went out shooting on Friday..trying to catch the light. We only had about 30 minutes to shoot, damn darkness at 5pm!!




September 8, 2008

Robert Lesage. Newport Beach, CA


July 27, 2008

This week, Noelle and I headed down to Balboa’s fun zone. Too bad for us, we ending up on the wrong side of the island. Nonetheless we made do with what we were given.

Thursday Photoshoot Day

July 18, 2008

Every (well usually) Thursday, I hang out with Noelle and Rob. After months of just sitting around waiting for good tv to come on, we decided…… HEY! lets use this time to take pictures of us! Because we’re vain… really. We find cool spots (mostly Noelle) and take, what we think, are cool photos. Here are some “cool” photos of Noelle….and company.