October 16, 2008

A couple weeks ago I got the great pleasure of staying with my dear friends, Alex and Jackie in their small town of Slo.  Friday, we hung out in downtown, which is kind of like a really unpopulated downtown San Diego..but not really. They took me to this pretty cool bar called Spikes, where we ate and watched the angels game…well mostly Alex and I watched while Jackie looked at us strangely.  The next day Alex and I drove to Santa Barbara and hung around Samy’s for like forever. This is where Alex dropped some serious cash.  Sunday we went to some sort of forest/beach and took some cool photos of Jackie..what a trooper. And lastly Monday, I finally got to spend time with my lovely friend Evan. I wish I had more time to take some photos of him, but for now..this is the beach path and Jackie.


4 Responses to “SLO(w)”

  1. Mrs. C. said

    “Alex and the Serious Cash,” featuring Debra as Mother of the Year. Coming to a theater near you.

  2. keleighlayton said

    haha seriously…. I’d see that movie!

  3. acreswell said

    hahahahhaha. i love my mother. and i love how she doesnt even comment on my blog… just yours.

  4. jlwheeler said

    keleigh keleigh keleigh! thanks for making me look cooler than i actually am. I always appreciate a helping hand.

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