August 9, 2008

So last weekend Alex, Noelle, and I drove up to this place Alex found awhile back. I’ve been there before to shoot some photos with Alex and it’s pretty rad.  While there, a drunk couple were fighting above where we were shooting.. oblivious to us below. Noelle and Alex thought they’d see us..come down and kill us. I should really start carrying my machete everywhere I go.  


5 Responses to “Summerland…”

  1. acreswell said

    i forgot about this… it happened so long ago. maybe you should keep your blog up to date.

  2. noelle said


  3. […] 4, 2008 at 8:26 pm (Photoshoots) So Keleigh, Alex (AKA: Acres Well) and I made the trek up to Santa Babara to this sweet “secret” […]

  4. Momswell said

    Don’t let Alex get you down. She can be so mean. She called me bizarre tonight. Can you imagine? Come on over and watch tv with Dave and me any time and make her jealous.

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