The fairest one of all

August 28, 2008

Yes, it’s Robert, when he used like getting down and dirty for a photograph. After about 8 years or something crazy like’s still one my favorite photos



August 9, 2008

So last weekend Alex, Noelle, and I drove up to this place Alex found awhile back. I’ve been there before to shoot some photos with Alex and it’s pretty rad.  While there, a drunk couple were fighting above where we were shooting.. oblivious to us below. Noelle and Alex thought they’d see us..come down and kill us. I should really start carrying my machete everywhere I go.  

Bike Night….

August 7, 2008

Last Friday Night I met up with some friends in Santa Ana for a bike art show. The art was alright. There was a bunch of people there with their bikes. It’s pretty amazing how much work (and money!) these people put into these bikes. It makes me really excited to start my new photo project. are a few pictures from the night.


August 1, 2008

I took some photos of my friend Dana.  Hair and makeup by the lovely Jennifer Potter